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Award Winning Kiwinuka® Health Drink 230ml 3 PACK

Award Winning Kiwinuka® Health Drink 230ml 3 PACK

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With pure Kiwifruit and Manuka Honey

A unique infusion of certified New Zealand Manuka honey and pure New Zealand kiwifruit puree, the Kiwinuka® Health Drink is truly nature’s answer to good health.

Packed full of Vitamin C, enzymes, anti-bacterials and antioxidants, and a whole range of essential micronutrients, the Health Drink is designed to kick your gut into action, and put your natural immunity on blast.

A natural prebiotic, kiwifruit puree is an ideal source of dietary fibre that won’t upset tummies, isn’t full of additive nasties, and most importantly tastes good.

Best of all, it’s 100% natural and HACCP and Halal certified.

For best gut, digestive, and immune function we recommend a bottle a day.

Kiwinuka® Health Drink is also available infused with echinacea and zinc for added immunity.

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